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Our professional team and operational office is located in Toronto. Our people is the key for our firm to succeed.  We welcome and nurture team members with high integrity, industry expertise and growth mindset.  

Top talent and growth mindset keep us apart from others

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Top talent attraction and development is the key to our success in the past and our prosperity in the future. We are always looking for the best and brightest to join us and grow with us. We firmly believe that our people is our biggest asset and the key to being at our best today and transforming to our better future tomorrow. 

We work, laugh and play together 


Family vibe is the corner stone of our DNA through which we build trust and unite as one. Nothing builds better synergy than laughing and playing together! We have various employee engagement initiatives throughout the year: basketball, badminton, pingpong, weekly yoga and fitness classes... you name it. Not only our employees have the opportunity to create unique bonding experience as we sweat and laugh together but our friends and family are frequent guests to our various events. We believe sense of belonging is the glue of our culture and we will continuesly strenghen the glue as we grow bigger.

We value diverse perspectives

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We thrive to build a culture that combines the best of east and west, firmly believing in the diverse perspectives and experiences of our people for growth and innovation and we rely on the wisdom and experience of all to help us make sound business decisions. 

We love giving back

Philanthropy and charity work is a part of WinnerMax's DNA. We firmly believe in giving back to communities and helping build a stronger, healthier and better world. Being part of something meaningful and making a difference is what makes us all proud. Please click here to learn more.

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