We are a private equity investor with a global presence spanning North America, Asia, Europe, and the Middle East. We are dedicated to building strong, long-term relationships with our partners, investors and within our industries of focus.


WinnerMax believes that a future oriented strategy facilitates superior returns by identifying and acting upon opportunities before they are generally perceived by the competition.

WinnerMax has identified gaps between the global demand for healthcare and technology and the ability of suppliers to provide affordable means to fulfill such demand. We therefore focus globally on affordable technology and healthcare solutions.

Opportunities are identified and analyzed through the lens of a truly global perspective.

This perspective provides for superior, advantageous first tier investment opportunities.

Active Engagement

We engage our global teams, professionals and advisors in day to day investment activities for the mutual enhancement of knowledge and capabilities.

We collaborate with our partners to acquire exclusive insights and expertise on a broad, global scale.

We consult with stakeholders, incorporating and balancing a broad set of perspectives within our strategic decision-making process.

Integrity & Strong Relationships

WinnerMax believes that robust relationships with partners, investors, stakeholders and colleagues are a key factor in both a robust organization and a successful investment platform.

We align our interests with our partners and investors by providing our own capital in investment activities.

We are able to provide superior, long-term investment returns to our investors and investment partners through exclusive trans-Asian channels and networks.