We believe technologies, capital and human co-existence have no boundaries in the current global business and communications contexts. Our goal is to break geographic barriers through the use of cutting-edge technologies, healthcare services, and capital, in order to benefit people of different cultures and regions.


Experienced professional team with diverse capabilities

Extensive and superior global network

Strong and established track record of successful investment

Extensive access to capital allows WinnerMax to act decisively and rapidly on opportunities of interest.

Investment partners' expertise and experience are leveraged for superior value-add to investment targets, enhancing growth and return.

Target investments are evaluated in a broad strategic context, including the identification of the precise timing for capital infusion that is optimal for a particular company in a particular market.

We maximize value for investors who are seeking exposure to high growth and high quality Asian private equity opportunities.

We are a value oriented cross border investor, committed to long-term collaboration with industrial pioneers.


Value Creating

We focus on value-add investment through direct investment, investment in conjunction with strategic partners and investment in third party funds.

Invest on Growth

WinnerMax has particular expertise in growth equity investments.  Our targets range from middle market to late stage entities.

Focus & Innovative

Our sectors of focus include information and communications technology (ICT), internet of things (IoT), pharmaceutics, medical devices and healthcare services.

Global Reach

Based in Toronto, Canada, WinnerMax is continually expanding from its roots with concerted and rewarding activities throughout North America, Europe, and the Persian Gulf